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      About Alt Pronouns

      Radically Queer™ Gender Free
      LGBTQ+ Pride Apparel

      Radically Queer™ Gender Free LGBTQ+ Pride Apparel that champions Queer identity and sparks conversations.

      Alt Pronouns is a human identity brand empowering the Queer community. We champion Queer identity to rewrite social norms and advance equality and acceptance, drawing on the legacy of LGBTQ+ activists and advocates in history that paved our path towards equality.

      We view identity as a spectrum of expression unbound by cultural and societal limitations. Our name embodies the power of alternative pronouns to liberate human identity from expectation and tradition.

      Our mission is to empower the Queer community by breaking down social barriers to allow people to discover and explore identity and self-expression.

      We amplify this mission by partnering with organizations and individuals committed to advancing equality, enhancing visibility, and supporting local LGBTQIA+ communities, and donate a portion of our apparel proceeds to help aid their goals in championing equality.

      We advocate PRIDE (progress, respect, inclusion, diversity, equality) and create safe spaces, both digital and physical, where people can discover and explore their true identity free from judgement.

      Founded in 2019 by Lex Evan, Alt Pronouns was born to bridge generations of LGBTQ+ activists and aid in today's liberation movements towards creating a safer, more accepting, and inclusive future for every human identity. Lex's passion for LGBTQ+ activism and advocacy was awoken by the words of Lady Bunny.


      Alt Pronouns is proudly queer owned 🌈

      If our story resonates with you, give us a shout:
      @altpronouns on social
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